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Aleksandra Casetta

2021-04-26 22:17:18

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy

With its spectacular cities, ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, wonderful museums and breathtaking natural scenery Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations!

Thousands of years of history, the most romantic language and delicious food... the places to visit in Italy keep you busy for a lifetime! Since there are plenty of things to experience, one trip definitely will not be enough.

Look for Fiat 500 in Rome

A Brand Image of Italy: Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 a classic that came from Italy and lasts till today. We have some special sensations with it, for example in Rome. But there is much more to find.

Every region of Italy is different and has its own charm, attractions and culinary peculiarities. This diversity, contradictions between south and north, mixture of the present and the past make it irresistible and an ideal destination for all.

Let us guide you through the ruins and catacombs of ancient Rome in our private group tours. Dive deep into the tastes and smells of the best italian wines and cheese. Smell the nature between the imposing Alpine peaks and meadows or try our nautical excursions on the dazzling italian islands enjoying our best sun, water and fun activities.

Life is made of sensations. Let us create some unforgettable moments for you in the land of love, music and wine!

So, if you are still asking why Italy, here is the answer:

1. Immense cultural, historical and artistic heritage

History played a key role in shaping Italy and you will feel her presence everywhere while strolling down the streets of its most beautiful cities.

Rome, Eternal city, capital of the mighty Roman Empire, wrapped around ancient columns; Venice, Genoa and Milan, medieval economic powers; Florence, the birthplace of renaissance… Everywhere you go you’ll be surrounded by architectural masterpieces and some of the most famous works of art.

Discover Italy Cities with Us

The Biggest Icon in Rome

Guess what´s the biggest icon of Rome. No words needed I believe. Find religious and cultural heritage in it and a lot more with Holiday Senses.

Italian cities are among the world’s oldest and the country has close to 50 heritage sites which makes Italy the highest collection of UNESCO designed monuments!

Discover St. Pete's secrets with us

Art, Religion, Culture is allover

Art, Religion, Culture is allover Italy and the Vatican is no exception. We have some keys to it... but only to the parts allowed to the public :-)

If you are an architecture and history lover, enjoy our private group tours in the land of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli and Dante Alighieri!

Visit Roman Colosseum, one of the seven wonders of the world and fall in love with the roman fountains, enjoy the view from the Pisa leaning tower and take a gondola ride through the charming bridges of Venice. Feel the city of Milan and its bohemian atmosphere, admire its magnificent Duomo and don’t forget to eat the best ice cream in the world!

2. Stunning natural scenery

Italy is a perfect harmony of natural contrasts, a place where snow capped peaks of the Alps meet orange groves of Sicily and the picturesque villages

and vineyards of Tuscany.

Look for our best Private and Premium tours

Nature and Landscapes of Italy are wonderful

Try some of our Private Tours in several of our regions and find Italy's amazing landscapes from north to south. From the high Dolomites to the Coast.

You can choose between gorgeous lakes like Como, Garda and Maggiore and their enchanting landscapes or dazzling islands Lampedusa, Stromboli, Elba, Capri and Sardinia and their white beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect places to enjoy our private luxury tours!

Find Italian coast with us

The coast has amazing spots

From Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre Sicily and other spots the coast of Italy has a lot to offer.

If you want to escape from the city crowds and minimise social mixing you should definitely go to Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa or Grand Paradiso in the italian Alps. It’s a year round destination with its iconic snow - capped peaks for ski enthusiasts, hiking trails to explore in the summer and picturesque resort towns and medieval villages. Perfect scenery for some personal tours and private activities.

Try out our Premium Experiences and smell the nature of the enchanting italian landscapes or enjoy the magic of the italian coast and islands.

3. Magnificent Food

Italian food is the most famous , appreciated and copied in the world. Every region hides its own flavour, recipe, specific cheese and wine.

Italian cuisine is colourful, delicious and full of passion!

Try the best wood-fired pizzas of Naples or even make it on your own in our tastes and smells excursions in small groups.

We will take you to the best Tuscan wineries and let you try the finest quality red wine. Meet Chianti, Montalcino, Piemont, Lombardy where you will be able to taste the best homemade pasta ,meat based delicacies and local farm products.

There is nothing like having a good taste right?

The last but more special reason to visit Italy

The last but more special reason to visit Italy is the gastronomy. We have lots of Tastes and Smells to offer you, form Tuscany to Rome. Just have a try...

Go further beyond your knowledge about italian gastronomy and open your mind for some less known and more specific dishes that will definitely make you never forget your vacations in Italy.

So, what are you waiting for?!

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