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Aleksandra Casetta

2022-05-09 16:15:04

Apply These Secrets To Get The Best Private Activities In Spain

Finding the best private tours for you and your family or friends can be very challenging especially if you are travelling to a new and unfamiliar destination and there is nobody to give you some good advice.

Since the summer is around the corner I am sure that you have already started to make your top destination list.

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Beautiful Spain

Spain is among the most visited countries in the world. There are a lot of reasons for that. Besides beautiful cities, warm and welcoming people, delicious Mediterranean food and great nature, the good weather plays a very important role, too and makes Spain an all year round destination.

But visiting Spain is not only about crowded beaches in the summer season. You can always try some of our private guided experiences, go hiking or climbing and catch some fresh air on the beautiful Pirineus mountains during the hot summer months.

You can also catch some winter sun in Seville or on the Canary Islands in December!

All depends on your preferences and our best private and premium activities in Spain are there to make it possible for you!

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If you are looking for a European trip we definitely recommend you to have a look at some of our private Spain activities!

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Holiday Senses’s page is designed to make your search for a perfect destination simple and easy.

How to Select a Region

Once you have chosen the country (Spain) and the region (for example Barcelona, Seville, Madrid etc.) you are just one step away from our best Spain personal activities.

Click here to access this page 👈

How to Select a Region

Once you have chosen the country (Spain) and the region (for example Barcelona, Seville, Madrid etc.) you are just one step away from our best Spain personal activities.

If you are an adventurous soul we suggest you check out our “sun water fun” or “smell the nature” activities.

If you are culture and architecture lover or you just like to stroll down the streets and discover new places the best private guided tours in Spain are waiting for you among our “culture and a view”, “feel the city” and “religious heritage” excursions.

Gourmands should definitely check our “taste and smells” Spain private or small group activities. Delicious lunches among Spanish winyards or romantic dinners on the Spanish coast with beautiful sunsets will leave you breathless.

Finally, for love birds or those who simply need a relaxing holiday we suggest you have a look at our “health and wellbeing”, “nautical” and “golf course for sure” private tours.


Just click here to access Barcelona Premium Sensations

How to Filter or Get Premium Tours

To find the way to filter your sensations you simply search the region Barcelona for example, which you can find on the page above. After you have selected the Barcelona region, click as shown in the picture below (Florence is used as an Example) and filter your search. Type in what you desire the most on your holiday to be, whether it be food, wine, sun, Nautical, Sailing, Fishing, Yacht or many other keywords, it can help you to easily find the best sensation for you. Click the button on the left side, as shown on the picture below, to join any group already created for premium sensation. If there are no groups available at the moment, simply create one and wait for others to join.

For example, you will be able to get quicker to the reduced mobility friendly activities which is great especially if you are travelling with small kids.

You can also search within a price range and find for yourself the best “clean and safe” private or small group activities.

Get the best price for you!

If you want to avoid massive tourism, big group activities and you prefer to spend your holidays in a more intimate atmosphere but you find private tours too expensive we have the perfect solution for you!

Have you heard about our Private premium Sensations?

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Check our Premium Sensations in Spain

They allow you to travel in a group of a very reduced number of participants (depending on the choice of who launches the Premium Sensation for sharing with you). You will share your private guided tour with others but in a really small group with the maximum and minimum of people you desire. The costs will be split between the groups that join. Perfect way to get your dream holiday for a good price, don’t you think?

There is no doubt that Spain is one of the top European destinations! It offers activities for all the family. You will be able to choose between relaxing beach holidays, cultural excursions or adrenalin outdoor adventures.

So let us show you some of our best private tours in Spain!

  1. Ready for the adventure?

If you are a restless spirit constantly seeking for an adventure we have prepared some adrenaline-fuelled activities for you!

Experience this Sensation by Clicking Here 👈

Kayaking & Snorkelling Private Group Tour

After travelling by private coach from the heart of Barcelona to a picturesque beach, our professional and licensed guides will navigate you through the crystal clear waters to places which are best seen from a kayak. Explore the Costa Brava ́s coves, small caves, sea life and much more.

You will travel from the heart of Barcelona to a picturesque beach followed by a professional and licenced guide and private coach. Navigate through the crystal clear waters to places which are best seen from a kayak. Explore the famous Costa Brava’s coves, small caves, see life and much more!

Click for “A la Carte Excursions In Tenerife”

A la Carte Excursions In Tenerife

Get to know and enjoy Tenerife by personalising your excursion Explore the island of Tenerife on a personalised and interactive excursion designed and designed by you, through our excursions you will be able to discover the most beautiful landscapes of the island. The sun, the wind and the adrenaline combine to print an indelible memory of your stay in Tenerife.

Get to know and enjoy breathtaking Tenerife in a personalised excursion!

Explore the island and discover its most beautiful landscapes. The combination of the sun, the wind and the adrenaline will make you never forget this trip!

  1. Take a cultural walk

If you are an architecture and culture lover Spain has so much to offer to you with its beautiful big cities and small mediaeval villages. Spanish architecture shows great historical and geographical diversity. Some Spanish constructions are really unique!

Be a Top Model around Madrid with this Sensation 😉

Two Hours Tour in Madrid With Photoshoot

Every nook of the classic and fashionable city of Madrid will capture your coronary heart, so it’s far suitable to capture your memories with amazing pictures taken by of our amazing photographer in Madrid.

You will stroll down the streets of Madrid visiting its most famous sights. Feel the vibrant existence of Madrid, taste the best Spanish wine and tapas and enjoy the visit of the Prado Museum.

To Know Seville in a Different way click Here

Horse & Buggy Ride in Seville With Guide

Enjoy a pleasant horse carriage ride through the city of Seville. We will visit the most emblematic places accompanied by an expert guide where he will explain the different points of interest where we will go. We will walk through the exteriors of the Cathedral of Seville, the Alcazar, the famous Triana neighbourhood and the historic centre. A unique experience to enjoy with your partner or family.

Enjoy a pleasant horse carriage ride through the city of Seville. You will be able to visit the most emblematic places accompanied by an expert guide: Cathedral of Seville, the Alcazar, the famous Triana Neighbourhood and the historic centre.

  1. Tastes and smells of Spain

If you want to try delicious Mediterranean food you should check the following excursions:

Know more on How to Cook like an Andalusian Here

Cooking class in a traditional Andalusian housing

Authentic Andalusian cuisine is not paella or sangria. In this cooking class, we will learn the true gastronomic dishes in a traditional home. With product fresh and centenary recipes. We continue to traditional housing to begin the fun and didactic cooking workshop with an experienced cook with more than 45 years working in the food sector.

In this cooking class you will learn the true gastronomic dishes in a traditional home. Get to know the secrets of the centenary recipes!

This tour includes:

- Food and drinks

- Delicious lunch

- Hotel pick up

- Market tour guide & cooking class

Try these Tastes and Smells Sensation Here 🥂

Paella Tasting At The Albufera Lake In Valencia

Beautifully decorated, according to the landscape area, a traditional fishermen house "barraca" and unforgettable views of the lake. The Albufera lake belongs to the UNESCO Biosphere List, and is a stop place for birds which come from North Europe to enjoy mild winters as well as the home of a wide variety of animals and plants birds, fishes, fauna, flowers, protected species, etc. The visitor has the option of booking a touristic trip at the lake and afterwards we attend a paella show cooking. Here, professional chefs will show us how to cook a traditional paella with ingredients from the area in a traditional cooking place (paelleros). After the paella, we can go to the beach and have a bath, sunbathe or just enjoy the sand.

  1. Love under the Spanish sun

If you are travelling with your loved one we have prepared some nice, relaxing moments for you.

To try this formidable Experience - Just Click Here

Wine & Spa Getaway

Spend the night at a luxurious 4 stars hotel between the Mediterranean mountains of Montserrat. This wonderful experience includes: ✔ Accommodation 1 night / 2 people in a double room (breakfast included) ✔ Spa circuit for two people ✔ Vineyard visit where a viticulture course is taught ✔ Winery visit including oenological explanations ✔ Tasting of 4 prestigious award-winning wines made in the cellar ✔ Tasting of regional products ✔ Explanatory dossier of the course that will serve as a practical guide Spend the night at a luxurious 4 stars hotel between the Mediterranean and the mountains of Montserrat. The building is a wonderful example of the architecture of the modernist style in the Penedés area, a region characterised by its wines and exquisite cuisine.

Enjoy this Intimate & Romantic Sailing Experience 👈

One Hour Private Sailing Tour

If you are in Barcelona, come and enjoy some unforgettable moments on a boat along Barcelona’s coast! You will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the city from the sea and to take some nice shots. You will navigate near the coast and then take a break for swimming in the open sea while looking at the wonderful view of Barcelona!

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