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Why Partner with Us

Valued tourism services operator why shall you partner with us?

Because we can help you best serve your customers and boost your sales.

How we serve you

Nowadays when visiting a country, a region or a city travellers do not look anymore just for confort. In fact they look for something or someone who can take them out of their confort zone. They look for thrilling, different new activities, experiences and sensations that make their stay different and unforgettable.

With this new tendency in mind, we at Holiday Senses are commited to provide the best of class Sensations (activities) for our customers. We want to provide them with the best time of their lives and we believe you want to do the same.

We are an Internet Marketplace for tourism oriented activities or experiences (that we call Sensations). The digital tools like ours have a scope or reach far beyond the geographical area of operation that you as a sole activity provider can reach. We can reach millions of travellers around the world with our marketing strategies, providing you with a much far reach than you can alone boosting your sales. Besides we can concentrate in one place all your services providing the traveller with the best Sensations activities of their taste.

We help you in finding exactly those customers that will enjoy your activities and pass on the word.

You can check the customer feedback on your activities and improve them.

Through a differentiated offer and self servicing acording to their tastes, we aim at serving the customer with exactly the Sensation or Sensations they look for, helping the traveller have an unique and personal experience. This is also achieved by a simple day by day Sensations schedule tool.

Since no two customers have the same taste and lifestyle we segment these Sensations activities in several lifestyle segments. Also because statistics show that most of the travelers travel to one region (or place) and do not move around much, we also segment the Sensations activities by area of operation. We make the most of each tourism region and lifestyle for you and the traveller.

We are looking forward to hear from you