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Hugo Leite

2022-05-03 16:23:00

Private Or Premium Albufeira In A Personal Way

Albufeira is a city in Algarve in the south end of Portugal. It is one of the most popular destinations in Portugal for summer holidays. Very popular amongst the anglo saxons but not exclusively by them. Portuguese love it too. As in all the Algarve coast is populated by amazing beaches of fine white sand and the water almost compete with some tropical destinations.

In Holiday Senses website you can find in Albufeira some of the best Personal Sensations of Algarve, beijing able to book them either in a Private or Premium Activity mode. Our first recommendation is the following:

One click away from Benagil Cave Deluxe Trip 👉

Private Boat Trip To Benagil Cave Deluxe

If you want to have a truly private tour and visit Benagil Caves at special schedules to avoid crowds and without paparazzi, this is the ideal option. Choose between the first hours of the day, in an early-morning sunrise (btw, our favorite time of the day), or at the magical golden hour at the sunset. THIS TRIP CONSISTS OF: 👉 Unique 60 min boat trip from Armação de Pêra Beach until Benagil Cave. 👉 You will visit around 10 sea caves and wild beaches with an unspeakable beauty if we have time. HIGHLIGHT: ❤ Private captain and guide ❤ New and comfortable boat ❤ Visit the Caves at special schedules IMPORTANT: 🔺 By law, it’s not allowed to disembark inside the Benagil cave. The boat will enter the cave so you can enjoy it closely from the boat 🔺 All sea experiences are subject to the weather and sea conditions Do you want red fruits and sparkling wine? Do you want to make a truly unique marriage proposal? Tell us what you want and we will take care of that to make this an unforgettable experience.


On our website you can find a quote : “ Build a personal experience”. What does it mean to build a personal experience? And why with Holiday Senses?

It means that Holiday Senses has collected all the best experiences you will ever need in order to create some magical holidays. It means that our private tours are the best choice for you to fully inhale Italian delights only with your loved ones. If you are adventurous and want to spare some money and meet new friends, you simply choose our premium tours. Premium tours are special private sensations that allow others to join your small group and share the price of the tour.

One click away from Benagil Cave Deluxe Trip 👉


One of our recommended Premium Sensations provides you to Sail in style once in your lifetime on the beautiful Luxury 16m sail yacht. Cruising on this yacht offers a unique experience with luxury and comfort. Explore the Ria Formosa Lagoon Barrier Islands, passages along Culatra, Armona and Desertas Islands & Culatra island. But that is only one amongst many.


To find the way to filter your sensations you simply search the region Albufeira Algarve, which you can find on our main page or choose the country Portugal and scroll down to find Albufeira Algarve. After you have entered the Albufeira Algarve region click as shown in the picture below (Florence is used as an Example) and filter your search. Type in what you desire the most on your holiday to be, whether it be food, wine, sun, Nautical, Sailing, Fishing, Yacht or many other keywords, it can help you to easily find the best sensation for you. Click the button on the left side, as shown on the picture below, to join any group already created for premium sensation. If there are no groups available at the moment, simply create one and wait for others to join.

Check Albufeira's Premium Tours Here

Filter your Sensations or pick any available Premium Group

On the right side of the screen you have the filters tab. Click there to access any filters you find adequate. On the left side of the screen you have a yellow button that will open the available premium groups in the next weeks. If none available you can always open one of your own and let our software find maching companions for your sensation.


Yes, we have it all. Well in Albufeira not exactly, you see, its a summer destination. You only have to choose amongst the available lifestyles. As I mentioned before, for different types of travelers we have different types of sensations.


If you really want to enjoy the sea of Algarve, but you are tired of boring ticket tours, we have some special tours in private or Premium. Check these ones :

Come Aboard this Fine Sensation Here 👈

Private Yacht Cruise Full-Day

You will be welcomed by Marina and Fernando on their boat, a 58ft (18m) Striker very comfortable and safe. Equipped for all types of sports fishing and all the amenities of a luxury Yacht. They know the beautiful coastline and can offer you the perfect cruise. All you need is to enjoy sailing and have a good time.

Sail In Style with Us 👈

Sail in Style - Private Luxury Yacht

Sail in style once in your lifetime on the beautiful Luxury 16m sail yacht. Cruising on this yacht offers a unique experience with luxury and comfort. Explore the Ria Formosa Lagoon Barrier Islands, passages along Culatra, Armona and Desertas Islands & Culatra island. You can book this Sensation as a Private Sailing Trip four you and your friends only. But if you are just a small group of people, the Premium option is definitely the best choice.


For those who are not fans of city crowds and prefer spending more time in nature, we have created Smell the Nature sensations. Its name says it all, smell the nature of Algarve in our specially designed tours, like these:

Explore the Beaches of Algarve with this Sensation

Amazing Beaches Private Tour

Full of surprises, fun and enjoyment. Join us to find some of the Algarve's best beaches; Falésia, S.Rafael, Galé, Marinha, Carvalho, Benagil, Albandeira and many others; Free time to swim or just discover hidden paradises; Enjoy some of the most singular Algarve’s tidbits (optional - not included in the price). Travel with local experienced driver/guide.

To Experience this Sensation just click Here

Birdwatching in Ria Formosa Natural Park from Albufeira

The Ria Formosa, one of the most important Portuguese wetlands, consists in a diversity of habitats lining almost 60 kilometers of the Algarvian coast. Barrier islands, coastal lagoons, marshes, dunes and wooded areas are some of the habitats that compose it, which explains the presence of a vast bird community. During the cold season and the migrations, more than 30,000 birds visit this part of the Algarve. From colonies of Flamingos to diverse species of Waders and also Birds of Prey, Swamphens, Red Crested Pochards and Slender-Billed-Gulls are part of the vast range of species observed in this beautiful part of the Algarve. In this natural reserve, we intend to practice the observation, according to the highest standards of respect for nature, of resident and migrating birds in groups of up to 6 persons accompanied by a guide. In this area, the experience will last 4 to 8 hours (including transport and meal breaks).

Of course you can smell nature with many of our tours, these are just a few examples for you to understand the concept of Smell the Nature sensations better with our private tours in Albufeira.


If you want to learn some historical facts in a fun and private way, you are in the right place. With our cultural tours you can forget boring tours with the same script as always. We bring something fun but also educational. These kinds of tours are perfect for family holidays, to experience an amazing experience and to show your kids that learning historical and cultural facts can be fun.

Click here to Enjoy a Trip to one of the Best Cities of South Alentejo

Visit Evora - Unesco Heritage Full Day

Évora is a city to visit slowly. Our trip starts early and two hours later we are in the environs of Evora to make a very special visit to a set of monuments of the time of the Megalitico that will make us go back thousands of years. Then there is the town of Çvora where we spend the rest of the day delighting in this true open-air museum. The points of interest are immense, but from this visit we highlight the GATE OF THE GIRALDO, the AQUEDUCT OF THE WATER OF THE SILVER, the TEMPLE ROMANO OF ÉVORA ... and much more ...To investigate the reason for classification as a World Heritage by UNESCO. In every street and square of your cobbled center there is a reason for interest.


Portuguese gastronomy is one of the best in Europe, it has all the advantages of the Mediterranean Cuisine that is one of the most healthy in the world mixed with all the Tastes and Smells we encountered when sailing the globe in the discoveries era, its known that the Portuguese found an alternative route for trading the spices of India.

In such a small country like Portugal you can find, however, very different kinds of gastronomy, the Algarve cuisine very different from, for example, the Center or North of Portugal. We have the following suggestions for you:

Taste the Flavors of Algarve by clicking here 👈

Tidbits Route - Private Tour

Discover the coast and countryside with its historical heritage, hidden treasures and breathtaking landscape; Enjoy several stops for high quality local tidbits and ancient recipes surrounded by history and traditions; Gorgeous and generous lunch accompanied by good quality wines of the region; Travel in a comfortable 9 seater minibus with local experienced driver/guide; Benefit from free hotel pick up and drop off in designated areas * Tidbits and meals included.

Book this tour Here

Secrets of Cork & Olive Oil

Olive Oil is uniquely produced in the Mediterranean and Portugal has some of the best brands of it. If I want to know how it was and is produced as well as how cork is grown in cork trees and then converted in the Portuguese worldwide known bottle sealing corks then this Sensation is definitely for you. A 7h journey into the real Algarve. Learn all about the production of cork and its industry; Guided visit to a eco cork factory with its secrets; Guided tour at the Algarve Costume Museum in S. Brás de Alportel; Visit one of the oldest traditional olive oil producers and its interesting museum; Olive oil tastings included; Benefit from free hotel pick-up and drop off with local experienced driver/guide with air conditioning 9 seater minibus.


Well we have already given you an appetizer of what Holiday Senses have to offer in Albufeira in Algarve. We have presented these few Sensations so that you can create an image of holidays in the best known city of the South of Portugal.

ALbufeira has many delights and sights for you to explore. With amazing summer Sensations, great food, bars and nightlife you will enjoy your time there for sure.

This year skip the mass market activities and join the Holiday Senses family. Choose private or semi-private sensations and collect special moments with special people.

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