Private Day Walk: Sintra, Legends and Medieval Stories







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In the Historic Centre (being a day walk, you will, inevitably, see numerous people in the beginning) you'll meet the Sintra's foremost history researcher, who will tell you how Sintra's Castle, the hills, the valleys and the Royal Palace were in the past.

In the last centuries several tales tried - among the folk - to explain the origin of how some medieval names have come to be like they are. The true origins are found far behind in time, with some still being untraceable today, while others are just in front of our comprehension. The difference between the tales and the true History it is also going to be made by your Historian, though some of the true History (or anotations from the distant past) can seem fictional today.

After learning some accounts of interest regarding the theme, we'll enter a more quiet area, while slowly climbing the hills.

On our way to the Castle, we will find Sintra legends and tales that intend to revive the medieval past of what is historically known as "Reconquista" ("Reconquest"). You will learn more about it, since it is essential to feel the true spirit of the arabic fortress that existed here, as well as to understand why we see this stone fortification today. And you will feel surprised with the flags that were flown by last in the Castle.

From the top, from one of the watchpoints of the Kingdom, we will see - through the informations that an Historian will transmit you, based in the study of the old portuguese and medieval chronicles -, well-known knights of Portuguese History in the fields around the Mountains.

The terrain will be irregular in some parts, but nothing a person with no movement impairment can't handle. The effort implied is equivalent to a stroll around Sintra's Historical Center for the whole afternoon.

In some parts there will occur more stops for you to rest and enjoy the landscape, having in view some important monuments in the distance (the Castle, Pena Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra National Palace and others) as well as the Atlantic Ocean (also in the distance).

In the way back (it is a circular route) and before arriving at the Historic Centre you will see the sights that will take your eyes not only in the distance but also into a past in which all that surround us was different. Upon your return to the Historic Centre you'll have the opportunity to visit it in the evening and, therefore, more calmly than during the day.

⭐ Highlights
+ Feel Sintra's History through the old medieval chronicles and documents
+ Experience Sintra in a different way, looking beyond how monuments and places are today
+ Be accompanied by the sensibility, the eyes and the words of an Historian
+ You may feel at will to ask any question you may have related to Sintra's History and Heritage
✔ Included
+ Ticket to Sintra's Castle
⚠ Know Before You Book
.Booking needed until 72h prior to the desired date, in accordance to the Natural Parks legislation and mandatory reporting to authorities.

.Minimum age: 14.
.This walk is not recommended for people with limited mobility, cardiac conditions, or pregnant women.

.No smoking allowed.
.This walk will take place between 09h00 and 14h00.
.The terrain will be irregular in some parts, but nothing a person with no movement impairment can't handle.
.Tickets to visit the Moorish Castle.
.The walk has about 7 kilometres in around 5 hours (circular route; 5 hours including stoppings at specifical points).
.This walk will occur under almost all weather conditions (being the exception the ones that may imply any risks for the participants or warnings from the Civil Protection) so please have the proper clothing and footwear (no need to be technical equipment for hiking).

‼ Know Before You Go
.Please be at the meeting point at 09h00.
.You will need comfortable footwear (the same you would use to stroll around in a touristic place for a whole afternoon) and clothes that can be suitable for cold but that you can easily remove them if you feel hot.
.Each element of your group must have their ID with them.
.Make sure everyone in your group has their individual bottle of water.


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    Culture and a View and Smell the Nature.

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  • Duration:

    05:00 Hours

  • GPS Location:

    Lat:38.799351N Long:9.3861175W

  • Meeting point:

    Parque da Liberdade

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    English, Portuguese


  • Customers:

    Minimum: 1

    Maximum: 9

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    Not Allowed Up to the age of 13

  • Babies:

    Not Allowed Up to the age of 3

  • Reservation:

    Within: 48 hours


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    From 70.00 € up to 140.00 €


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    ['Paper', 'Electronic']


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    January - December


    09:00h / 14:00h


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