Private Evening Walk Inside the Forest: Sintra Mountains Inbetween Wolves







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Two hours before the sunset you will be picked up by car at Sintra's train station. On your way to where this evening walk will start you'll be able to see in the distance Sintra's Castle, Pena Palace and the forest gradually beginning to surround you.

Once arrived to the western part of Sintra Mountains, your walk will begin, as well as your journey to a distant past, through the words of the Historian Miguel Boim.

The walk will be about 5 kilometers, spanning around 4 hours, in regular and soft irregular terrain. The effort implied is equivalent to spending a whole afternoon strolling around Sintra, with its ups and downs.

Whereas in the usual nocturnal walks one can recognize through the foliage, among the arches that define the old history of Mountain and Village, History's old stories and accounts, in "Sintra Mountains Inbetween Wolves" you'll travel under the black arc of the great sky, dotted with a thousand stars, to a past that's hard or impossible to imagine.

But, before that, you'll see, in the sunset, the Sun falling in the Atlantic Ocean, with Cabo da Roca in sight too (if the day is unclouded). After the sunset we'll enter the forest, a most special part of our walk, where you'll experience the ambience as our ancestors did when they had cross the mountain, in the dark, on their way back home. You'll find mostly irregular terrain, but nothing a person without any mobility impairment can't handle.

From the past, in this very Mountain, the wolves, the deer, the wild boars have also roamed these paths. There were also wild shepperds and friars who, due to their peculiar experiences and unexpected encounters, live on in words engraved, words that have outlasted the centuries as the desire to know and protect this recondite forest culture as it is, on the nights and days passing by us, revived in "Sintra Mountains Inbetween Wolves". And it's in this silence that the heart will become the eyes of these past lives, of these feelings of the present.

You'll hear of some accounts and memories from the past, to better understand how one lived in the mountains, particularly regarding the religious orders and the unusual stories from a History written centuries ago.

You may, or may not, have the chance, in the night, of observing some traces of the fauna that still exists in Sintra Mountains.

⭐ Highlights
+ Feel Sintra Mountains in total silence, broken only by the wind and the hoot of the owl
+ See the sunset with the Atlantic Ocean in the distance
+ Admire the Sintra Mountains' past through the words of an Historian
+ Walk in the evening in one of the most untouched parts of Sintra Mountains
+ Be accompanied by the sensibility, the eyes and the words of Miguel Boim, writer and Historian, author of "Sintra Lendária" (on its 2nd edition) - lectures and speeches on Sintra's history to more than 12K people (as to 2018 data)
+ You may feel at will to ask any question you may have related to Sintra's History and Heritage.

✔ Included
+ Pick up at Sintra Train Station to take you to the starting point in the mountains.
+ You'll be provided with a safety vest, so you can be safe and visible in the dark of the night.

❌ Not Included
- Inside access to the monuments is not part of the programme.

⚠ Know Before You Book
.Booking needed until 72h prior to the desired date, in accordance to the Natural Parks legislation and mandatory reporting to authorities.

.Minimum age: 14.
.This walk is not recommended for people with limited mobility, cardiac conditions, or pregnant women.

.No smoking allowed.
.Since it is in the mountains you will find ups and downs (in regular terrain) in the route.
.The terrain will be irregular in some parts, but nothing a person with no movement impairment can't handle.
.The walk has about 5 kilometres in around 4 hours (circular route; 4 hours including stoppings at specifical points).
.This walk will start 1 hour before sunset, with the pick up at train station 2 hours before sunset (exact hour to be scheduled).
.This walk will occur under almost all weather conditions (being the exception the ones that may imply any risks for the participants or warnings from the Civil Protection) so please have the proper clothing and footwear (no need to be technical equipment for hiking).

‼ Know Before You Go
.Please be at the meeting point at the scheduled hour.
.You will need comfortable footwear (the same you would use to stroll around in a touristic place for a whole afternoon) and clothes that can be suitable for cold but that you can easily remove them if you feel hot.
.Each element of your group must have their ID with them.
.Make sure everyone in your group has their individual bottle of water.

📍 Meeting Point
Main entrance of Sintra Train Station (the last train station)
Av. Dr. Miguel Bombarda, 2710 Sintra, Portugal
The meeting point will be at the main entrance of Sintra Train Station (the last station of Sintra's line, the one which gives access to Sintra's Village), at Avenida Miguel Bombarda, Sintra, Portugal. The main entrance it's the one in an old building which faces Cynthia cafe. In that entrance you will find Miguel Boim (the bearded face person in the logo) or someone holding your name.


  • For lovers of:

    Culture and a View and Smell the Nature.

  • Risk level:


  • Duration:

    04:00 Hours

  • GPS Location:

    Lat:38.799165N Long:9.3857586W

  • Meeting point:

    Main entrance of Sintra Train Station (the last train station)

  • Translator:


  • Translation for:

    English, Portuguese


  • Customers:

    Minimum: 1

    Maximum: 5

  • Babies:

    Not Allowed Up to the age of 3

  • Reservation:

    Within: 48 hours


  • Adults:

    From 105.00 € up to 190.00 €


  • Pays accepted:
  • Vouchers accept:

    ['Paper', 'Electronic']


  • Type of service:

    Start time is to be agreed with the provider. See voucher for contact information.

  • Opening time:


  • Closing time:



  • This walk will start 1 hour before sunset, with the pick up at train station 2 hours before sunset (exact hour to be scheduled).

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